Appease Putin and Lose Freedom

Putin kindled then started wars against Chechnya, Georgia, and Ukraine seeking one thing: Imperialist control over two continents. His nationalists have told us so, and Putin has embraced their warmongering extremism and called it patriotism.

And Putin has embraced something much deeper than that: Chinese imperial interest and interference in Russia’s fundamental economic survival. That is why every successful lawless, aggressor action Putin takes against neighboring states is measured by Beijing for future investment potential. The free world cannot forget that.

How Putin Started the Last Three Wars, proving he is trying to refight a Gray War to avenge the Cold War justifiably lost by the USSR:

By Ryazan, Russia’s civilian apartment block bombings with the then Putin-led FSB’s fingerprints on them, creating a pretext for a war against Chechnya;

By Russian passport distribution, arms running, agitation, and accusations by Putin’s regime and North Ossetian separatists against Georgia;

By countless convoys of plain wrap white trucks with arms and war supply shipments and direct Russian military involvement against Ukraine and in February, all-out invasion and bombardment.

Putin did similarly in Chechnya, Georgia, and Syria, flattening cities and the killing of hundreds of thousands of civilians.

The difference today is that the free world is now actively supporting Ukraine in its righteous self-defense against the Kremlin’s proven, repeat-aggressor, Vladimir Putin.

In this war Putin started, time is suspect. Free nations must use time wisely, decisively, and with steadfast persistence, patience, and ever-increasing support for allies including Ukraine. Putin has shown weakness and impulsion many times and so have his war hawk propagandists driving facile public opinion in dictator-tolerating Russian citizens.

By supporting and preparing ever-stronger resistance to Putin’s tyranny, resourceful defense for Ukraine, and for morally-unified, justified operations against Russian war assets, allies will help Ukraine to prevail in repulsing Putin’s aggressor forces.

Failing to do so is not an option if the world would remain friendly to free nations. Currently, the United States and other free nations have some internal reforms to see to with regard to telling themselves the truth about their own issues and errors. But allowing dictators to rule the world is not a cure for what ails free nations. They don’t share power with hopeful separatists in free nations in the end. Collaborators are ultimately sacrificed, in a memo to Michael Flynn and Donald Trump groupies. To embolden and flatter Putin is to do the same for Putin’s benefactor and partner in a future world of imperial dictatorship, Xi Jinping.

If appeased, Putin will recover and go on the offensive in the future against the freedom and independence of European nations and the United Kingdom. Putin and the warlords he is grooming for tomorrow’s subjugations will continue starting wars, blaming others for it, and spreading death and destruction in their paths and perhaps beyond if China sees success and wishes to invest in Putin’s successes for its own purposes. Don’t support investments in a world of future tyranny.

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