Argument: Iran’s Theocratic Regime is No Longer a Legitimate Nation State Government

Argument: The theocratic dictatorship of Iran is so deeply involved in terror sponsorship, principal-agent terror relationships, terrorist proxy supply, and destabilization activities adversely affecting other legitimate nation states that it can no longer be considered a legitimate nation state government itself. Iran rather fits the description of a terrorist organization occupying a former nation state’s governing assets that it uses for terror against its own people and people abroad. Iran has also added to civil war and or failed state statuses of Afghanistan, Yemen, Syria, and is threatening to turn Iraq into a failed state. Likewise, Iran has militarily supplied Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine and its drones used in terror attacks on Ukrainian civilians.

For reference, here is a report on Iran’s terror networks and support by United States Institute of Peace through 2021, citing State Department reports.

In December 2023, see the update on Iranian-resourced activity in addition to the massive Hamas attack, hostage taking, and commission of war crimes against Israel and Israel civilians:

“Iranian proxies have launched more than 90 attacks against U.S. forces since October 17th, 10 days after the Hamas terror attack on Israel.”

Further Remedies for Islamist Terror Organization’s Occupation of Iran’s Government:

(1) The Senate should follow suit with the House’s passage of the “No Funds For Iranian Terrorism Act” freezing the 6 Billion USD transfer approved by the Biden Administration in exchange for Iranian release of 5 hostages.

(2) Exclusion of the theocratic terror organization occupying Iran’s U.N. seat from the U.N. and all rights pertaining to nation state status at and through the U.N., and replacement by a legitimate, exiled Iranian delegation to represent occupied Iran at the U.N.;

(3) Multinational invocation of the International Convention for the Suppression of Terrorist Bombing as applicable to the theocratic terrorist organization occupying the seat of government over modern Iran and relevant enforcement activities against the terror organization’s activities supporting terrorist attacks and wars of aggression on civilians, other states, shipping, and military vessels in international waters;

(4) Nation states and stateless peoples adversely affected by the terrorist organization’s use of Iran’s assets to foment terror such as Israel, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, the United States, and multiple nation states whose flagged vessels are attacked by Iranian terror proxies or agents in the seas of the Middle East could take collective military, diplomatic, law enforcement, economic, financial, informational, psychological, cyber, and intelligence action against the terror organization controlling Iran’s government to end its reign of terror.

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