U.S. Leadership 2022: Ukraine, NATO, E.U., & Putin’s Aggression

SPC Assessment: President Biden argued in 2020 that the United States must lead by example among free nations. As such the U.S. should execute novel action to bring a superpower balance of power to Europe’s frontiers by holding the line in Ukraine and beyond. The Biden Administration must execute swiftly to be effective. This new…

Might NATO Aggressively Employ Anti-Bombardment & War Machine Countermeasures as Humanitarian Aid to Ukraine?

2022 Introduction: The following is a short position piece written under the auspices of Stratpass Corporation in February 2015 after the Crimean takeover by Russia. It proposes Transnational Anti-Weapon, Anti-War Machine, & Anti-Bombardment Aid Problem The Russian military expansion into Crimea, Ukraine, and Europe (EN1) warrants a new NATO conventional deterrence doctrine for the 21st Century, especially…

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