Utilize Russians Fleeing Draft to Write Russians at Home

There is a mass exodus of Russians avoiding Putin’s war observed by media in and outside of Russia, with up to 700,000 Russian men according to unnamed Russian official sources cited by Forbes, Russia. Reuters has been using the words “tens of thousands.” 

Russian exiles have native literacy, fluency, and knowledge to write colloquially and credibly to fellow Russians using email, messaging, and VPN services reaching into the Russian internet as suggested by the U.S. State Department in its chronicle of Putin’s military aggressions against Ukraine, its cities, and civilians.

Apps and services that brave Russian exiles can use to share images, video, facts, observations, and stories with fellow Russians at home are listed below. They should show the damage done to Ukrainian civilians, domestic Ukrainian life, and to Russian draftees and society courtesy of Kremlin deception about the so-called “special military operation.” How the Russians against the war can use their linguistic power to end the war:

Outline allows you to set up your own VPN server and then give Russians free and safe access to the global internet.

1920.in lets you send texts, WhatsApp messages, and emailsdirectly to random Russians with the truth about the war.

At mail2ru.org, you can email up to 150 Russians at a time, drawn from a list of more than 90 million email addresses, including members of the Russian parliament.

With the war of aggression backfiring on Putin on the ground, only overwhelming messaging and news from their fellow Russians written so that it is clear that Russians with recent local knowledge are writing to them, can sway the Russian people to rise up and stop Putin and his KGB-bureaucrats, none of whom have people in harm’s way at the front.

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