Russia and China Running Classic Divide and Conquer PSYOPs

It is a classic war aim to divide and conquer. Putin’s war criminal regime and Xi Jinping’s communist elite continue to wage social media psychological warfare against police, military, race and religious groups in the USA to spark fear, mutual violence, and if possible, insurrection or coup. The autocratic East is likely doing the same…

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Iran Regime: Russia’s and China’s Destabilizer Bot

The dictatorial theocracy of Iran has been a quasi-vassal of larger dictatorships since the Iranian revolution of 1978-79. Today Iran acts in the strategic interests of Russia and China as it seeks membership in their regional organization, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. From 1997-2006, Russia under Putin was the top heavy conventional weapons supplier to Iran…

Tackling a Big History Lie Fueling Putin’s Xi-Jinping-Aided Aggression

Despite Beijing’s global posturing in support of national sovereignty it uses sleight of hand to export “dual use” technology (civilian and military) to supply Putin’s war of aggression against Ukraine’s sovereignty. Yet Ukraine’s sovereignty is a matter of widespread international recognition. China’s strategy seems simple: tax Ukraine and the West to the point that it…

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