Russia and China Running Classic Divide and Conquer PSYOPs

It is a classic war aim to divide and conquer. Putin’s war criminal regime and Xi Jinping’s communist elite continue to wage social media psychological warfare against police, military, race and religious groups in the USA to spark fear, mutual violence, and if possible, insurrection or coup.

The autocratic East is likely doing the same in Europe.

Awareness of this fact, and some imagination of how misinformation and disinformation cards are played to cause divisive, wasteful strife can help dispel the adversary gray war.

For instance, Americans must hear and see evidence from the President’s bully pulpit that China and Russia have formed axes, partnerships, and blocs across the world while spending billions on influence campaigns to get Americans to elevate political hacks who advocate the destruction of U.S. alliances in the world.

Some will quote George Washington’s warnings of permanent alliances or entanglements across the world. But recall the context of his warning: the powers across the world were then almost exclusively monarchies, autocracies, and dictatorships. That is not true today of most U.S. allies and alliances.

Share this short article far and wide, and spread the word to those you know that isolationist sentiments are no more than our dictatorial adversaries’ whispering in American ears to cause despair and to achieve dominance without having to fight.

Just say no to The Dictators’ Country Club with their cliques of Russian and Chinese elites dictating to and devouring the Global South and Global North. Otherwise, there will be no freedom left to speak of, or from. Appeasing the dictators will not help. Appeasement is the noose we hand them to hang us all.

The only way for lasting power balance is for the U.S. and other free nations to negotiate from positions of authentic, increasing strength. There is no other way to have reliable accords with imperious dictators gunning for territory and glory, yet whose treatment of the Uighers and Ukrainians foretells their treatment of the peoples of the Global South and North who are determined to be free.

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