Russia’s Gray Warfare in Space Requires Gray Warfare Response

Reportedly, Russia put what was ostensibly a mobile satellite repair vehicle into Earth’s orbit to move among and service Russian satellites. In time, it showed its later purpose as a fragmentation shell with plasma boosters to put U.S. and other satellites in harm’s way of its debris stream. According to a Gizmodo report, shared with commentary by Keith Guidry of Sawblade Ventures, LLC, at Kosmos-2499’s initial characterization by U.S. military trackers was as a single piece of debris a few feet long until it started purposefully moving and communicating.

That was before it exploded twice.

Back on Earth in Ukraine and elsewhere, Moscow’s propensity for indiscriminate shelling of civilian and military targets in wars of aggression against neighbors and in defense of useful dictators abroad is the analogue for Kosmos-2499, which appears to be a slow motion Russian shelling of international orbital space.

It is likely that Moscow’s mongrel Kosmos-2499 became a loitering asset of state space terror used recently to coerce Elon Musk to stop aiding the defenders of Ukrainian independence and sovereignty; and the United States to act or refrain from acting as would favor Moscow’s pursuit of genocide against Ukraine a second time in a century.

Putin has invited U.S. establishment of detente as the United States wishes to reestablish it. This is no time to allow Russia and China to pick apart U.S. and free nation defenses, security, civilian well being, and capabilities in space or on Earth without proportionally effective strategic counters. Only by deterrent responses will cooler heads step up and speak truth- to-dictators and their supporters among the BRICS nations that supporting Russia’s war of aggression and terror is a path toward collective destruction following unintended consequences.

Gray warfare requires a response. Not a telegraphed or media-circus response, but firm, serious responses that deter further errors in judgment on the part of Russia’s illegitimate leadership and China’s increasingly unprofessional, imperialist leadership.

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