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Debilitating counter-espionage mindset regarding China

It is common for us to vent or joke about China’s “stealing.” While this has limited use against China’s public relations campaigns, the mental impression formed from the repeated theft conversation is a sense of moral triumph, disgust, and anger. Yet these emotions can shroud our minds from understanding our…

Recent History is Instructive: 2015 Warning from NSA’s Adm. Rogers

Recent history is instructive. Hear the then-Director of the National Security Agency, Adm. Michael Rogers: “At the moment, most of the [malicious cyber activity] has been theft,” Rogers said. “But what if someone gets in the system and starts manipulating and changing data, to the point where now as an…

Threat Assessment & Initial Recommendations: Adversarial Military Use of Hacked Medical Records

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Working Brief: Non-Exhaustive List of Russia’s Active Measures Objectives

(1) Defeat the USA, supplant it worldwide in axial partnership with China, tolerating competition with China, divvying-up future-conquests and acquisitions of influence, real estate, and or natural resources; (2) Get close to selected elites and revolutionaries in all main western parties, charm them, compromise them, then later cut their political…

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