Privacy and national security are in a form of quantum entanglement over the internet. Stratpass Corp defined the issue five years ago in terms of “Privacy-as-Security,” and centering on the need for greater legal power instituted in the individual right to consent, not consent, or withdraw consent to a number of things that happen to their data, identity, reputation, and safety when they go onto the public internet. All of which raises the issue of how to realize and enforce informed, effective consent, and privacy as a duty in the corporate realm.

Privacy-as-Security was front and center on Privacy Day, addressed by Apple’s Tim Cook below. Cook reinforces the need for fixes for problems explored in the Summer 2020 docudrama, “The Social Dilemma,” starring the founders of the Center for Humane Technology.

The neglect of Privacy-as-Security in law and technology has led to exploits driving the current crises-convergence within human cognitive and social functioning across a spectrum of human activities: political, legal, military, intelligence, academic, technological, and in the social fabric underlying all of these. Tim Cook urges timely data transparency and consent reforms in the below video discussing the effects. Waiting is not an option. As Cook says in the video, “A social dilemma cannot be allowed to become a social catastrophe.”


Reform is essential. See also the film “The Social Dilemma,” if you have not seen it yet.

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