Unity Series Pt. I: Gray Warfare

Working Definition of Gray Warfare for Purposes of this Essay

Gray warfare is activity that damages human relationships and material assets civilizations rely on to be well, thrive, defend, and excel. Depending on the warring party’s intentions, gray war’s aims may range from checking the power of a target nation to its destruction and subjugation.

Rising Dictatorships’ Political Gray Warfare

Today’s dictatorial gray warring powers prioritize destruction and subjugation of human relationships in politics and governance in the United States to control the fate of its lawful, constitutional civilization and what it stands for, including its ideals, values, and practiced qualities.

Adversarial powers focus gray warfare on politics and governance because it is the realm of resolving disagreements over who leads and how, and therefore a key to the highest seats of power and reposed trust that a civilization relies on to facilitate and grow living, ordered liberty among its people.

All oath-bound professionals and offices are targets. Presidents, congressmen, governors, councilmen, educators, local officials, bureaucrats, contractors, physicians, wealthy home offices, and more.

Marks for Authoritarian Proxy Recruiting

Extremists seeking vengeful, self-serving power in the professions, offices, and deep campaign pockets of the nation are marked and manipulated where possible to destroy or degrade ordered liberty in the name of lawless liberty and authoritarian force. By these strongmen rule badly, divisively, and so create their own need for outside sponsoring powers to help them survive and crack down on their own people.

Unity Series

In this citizen unity series, the Strategy Shelf will address the thinking, feeling, strengths, and powers the people of the United States have and can use to develop immunity to this divisive, destructive form of warfare while retaining healthy, robust handling of their differences with ordered liberty and goodness towards each other.

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