To Kill Autocrat Parasitism, Break the Autocratic Spell Over its Hosts

Prescription: By three key efforts parasitic autocracies can be removed: (1) honest diplomacy, psychological, and information operations with cyber-support that break the dictatorial spell over the host peoples wherever they are; (2) giving those physically battling the aggressive parasites a decisive, unfair advantage in eradicating the parasite; (3) aiding other prospective hosts with proofing their national immune systems against future infection.

Explanation: Democracy is hated existentially by the autocrat because freedom anywhere on Earth shows-up autocrats’ parasitic power over their own sacrificial people. Autocracies also become parasitic on one another. Putin’s autocracy makes Russia a host of Beijing. Xi Jinping sinks Chinese wealth into the black hole that is the Siloviki-organized, criminal parasite nest in the government. That government also hosts and feeds fanatical nationalists ready to kneecap Xi Jinping once Putin is deposed. As such, autocracy is a self-defeating power structure if it cannot get new hosts.

Putin’s self-claimed democracy is a dead scarecrow of law and freedom hollowed out by dictatorial fiat and top-heavy power, possessing and driving Russian men to battles those men know to be manufactured to keep the parasite alive and in control of Russia’s leadership brain chamber, the Kremlin. Except the Russian brain and intellect is not there — the brutal kingpin parasite is. Xi Jinping wishes to fill that roiling helm with his own parasite. A parasite within a parasite.

Existing Resources Can Get Busy with the Cure: There may be needed resources, reforms, and capabilities to improve honest diplomacy, psychological, and information operations with cyber-support. However, these capabilities as currently funded can find new approaches by adapting resources in the employment of the well-understood OODA-loop.

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