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Public Domain from https://pxhere.com/en/photo/1536681

Did Storm 0558 Access an On-Premises Hardware Security Module?

Set-up: On June 14th @Serghei for Bleeping Computer tweeted that “Microsoft says it still doesn’t know how Storm-0558 Chinese hackers stole an inactive MSA consumer signing key used to breach the Exchange Online and Azure AD accounts of two dozen organizations, including U.S. government agencies.” Bleeping Computer seemed to rely on a June 14th update…

Deterring Supply Chain Aggression by China

Set-Up: President Biden meets with President Xi Jinping before the G20 Summit on November 14th. Chinese leadership knows Taiwan is a vital manufacturing, trading, and freedom partner for the United States in the Far East. Hence, if China assaults Taiwan it knowingly attacks a U.S. vital economic national interest in its supply chain. Recent saber rattling…

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