Beirut’s Port Explosion: Analysis and Strategic Implications

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Moscow Utilizes the Whipsaw

“They’ll send 80 million ballots to people — they have no idea where they’re going,” Mr. Trump said during his 94-minute speech. “Actually, they probably do have a pretty good idea where they’re going, and that’s our problem. They send 80 million ballots out, where are they going? Who do they send them to? Are…

Germany’s Choice Shines a Light on Moscow’s Strategy

The Nord Stream gas pipeline deal between Russia and Germany could enter its own coma along with Russian dissident Alexey Navalny, in whose system German military physicians found the Soviet nerve agent Novichok. In light of Moscow’s continuing willingness to use state terror to get its way, Berlin should question what authoritarian strings will be attached to the…

Working Brief: Non-Exhaustive List of Russia’s Active Measures Objectives

(1) Defeat the USA, supplant it worldwide in axial partnership with China, tolerating competition with China, divvying-up future-conquests and acquisitions of influence, real estate, and or natural resources; (2) Get close to selected elites and revolutionaries in all main western parties, charm them, compromise them, then later cut their political throats via various means, while…

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