Russian propaganda

War Propaganda Snapshot: 2 Putin Agenda “News” Sites

NewsGuard reported on June 11th, 2024 that counterfeit local news websites run by hostile foreign governments and extreme right or left leaning PACs for the first time outnumbered legitimate local news websites in the United States. Two ad based websites using WordPress blog sites helped illustrate the trend last week, found within the first two…

“Toronto Today” New Disinformation Site in Larger War of Destabilization

The website “TorontoToday.net” posted disinformation that U.S. officials reassessed the cause of the 2020 wildfires in California and the Pacific Northwest from lightening to “coordinated arson” by Antifa. The 2020 wildfires started when storms generated severe lightening, igniting forests and woodlands under dry, hot, and windy conditions, as widely reported by weather services. In Southern Oregon,…

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