North Korea

Beijing’s Gamble: Putin’s Unsuccessful Mentor

As with Dr. Frankenstein’s ill-considered electrification of a dead person in Shelley’s classic, President Vladimir Putin three years into his reign sought to raise Yuri Andropov’s foreign and domestic policies from the dead to help him rebuild the USSR that Andropov’s decision-making on Soviet intervention in Afghanistan hastened toward collapse. And now there’s Ukraine. Other hardliner…

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Iran Regime: Russia’s and China’s Destabilizer Bot

The dictatorial theocracy of Iran has been a quasi-vassal of larger dictatorships since the Iranian revolution of 1978-79. Today Iran acts in the strategic interests of Russia and China as it seeks membership in their regional organization, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. From 1997-2006, Russia under Putin was the top heavy conventional weapons supplier to Iran…

Threat Assessment & Initial Recommendations: Adversarial Military Use of Hacked Medical Records

At the Wall Street Journal, Christopher Porter and Brian Finch opined in “What Does Beijing Want With Your Medical Records?” that China’s 2015 Anthem hack accessed almost 80 million Americans’ private medical and insurance records as an ominous sign that it plans to expand and impose its massive surveillance state on Americans. Porter and Finch focus on…

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