Ecrusized, influenced by user Rr016. - Own work, Israeli military presence in Gaza Strip citing Institute for the Study of War & Critical Threats Project. Maximum Palestinian advance citing NYT & WSJ. Made using OpenTopoMap data. CC BY-SA 4.0 File:October 2023 Gaza−Israel conflict.svg Created: 8 October 2023 Uploaded: 1 June 2024

Russia’s and China’s Irregular Warfare Against Israel, Israelis, and Palestinians

Introduction Jonathan Winer’s must-read report for the Middle East Institute last November chronicled and discussed circumstantial evidence of timing, communications, training, modes of operation, financial, and weapons support by Russia for Hamas and for Iran, Hamas’s chief sponsor before and after the terror organization’s October 7, 2023 terror war on Israel. This, provoking a predictable…

Putin Like Hitler Invokes Christ for War of Aggression

A Russian military officer, trying to religiously motivate his troops to join the war of aggression against neighboring Ukraine, many in Ukraine also being slavs and Orthodox Christians, had this to say according to a source cited by Yahoo News: “I promise that we will win this holy war…Who is fighting against us? People who…

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