Jurassic World as Allegory of Dictator Club’s Rise

Above: See the video Multi Dimension Thinking Needed Yesterday I wrote that black and white thinking is not consistent with the United States as a superpower going forward. Today I found a blockbusting cinema illustration of how black and white thinking does not get us ‘Left of Bang’ or in the movie’s case, ‘Left of…

Advocation: Stand-Up “R4 Corps” Volunteer and Selective National Service

Advocation: The U.S. should stand up an “R4 Corps” as a rapid civilian defense, freedom, and security workforce adapting to the rising militancy of autocratic nuclear and proxy powers. The Mission “R4” could mean “Restore-Recycle, Retrofit, Remake, and Repurpose,” four activities applicable to all weapons, aircraft, drones, robots, munitions, vehicles, vessels, ships, boats, submarines, machines,…

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