Conceptual Thoughts: Defending Against the Onyx

Setup: The Kyiv Post ran a practical headline on Thursday, July 20, entitled with subhead, “Ukraine’s Latest Missile Problem – How to Shoot Down Russia’s ‘Onyx’: Russia has taken to using “Onyx” supersonic anti-ship cruise missiles against southern coastal cities, highlighting the shortage of air defense systems capable of taking them on.” The Onyx supersonic…

Might NATO Aggressively Employ Anti-Bombardment & War Machine Countermeasures as Humanitarian Aid to Ukraine?

2022 Introduction: The following is a short position piece written under the auspices of Stratpass Corporation in February 2015 after the Crimean takeover by Russia. It proposes Transnational Anti-Weapon, Anti-War Machine, & Anti-Bombardment Aid Problem The Russian military expansion into Crimea, Ukraine, and Europe (EN1) warrants a new NATO conventional deterrence doctrine for the 21st Century, especially…

Massive Hack: First Thoughts and Caveats

Soon after Vladimir Putin’s rise to power, he pushed for a walled-off “Russian internet” which was a strategic shot fired across our bow. Russian operations since would turn global internet-dependent nations and entities into a constellation of sieves to reverse the internet security advantage in favor of the “Russian internet,” if such was attainable. Hackers have…

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