Social Media Agitation Threat Assessment

Social media profiles posing as liberal Americans and or some highly agitated or provoked on the Left may begin advocating extreme narratives accusing all Trump rally attendees who remained within the bounds of lawful, permitted protest on January 6, 2021 of the suspected crimes of those breaching and burglarizing the Capitol Building, barriers, and assaulting Capitol Police Officers, journalists, and others. This would realize the cascading, repeating provocation and counter-provocation cycles purposed by active measures online.

Imputing mass guilt by association without actual evidence in the name of liberalism not only fails due process, but would tend to aid recruitment from Trump’s law abiding base by far right extremists.

Revenge communications, fear of revenge, and then angry acting out of the provoked fear is the psychological process at work that is in need of thwarting, intervention, and perhaps use of disclaimers.

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