A Piece of Winter Strategy

For the remainder of Winter and beyond, Ukraine needs the means to continue to make Russian borderland roads and railways impassable and prohibitive to repair that would supply and enable Putin’s war of aggression in Ukraine. This, in occupied Ukraine and on roads and railways on the border inside Russia that support the short, mid, and long range bombardment and invasion of Ukraine.

This railway approach has worked well to date, and combined with ongoing sanctions on Russia’s war making economy, will have a compounding effect against Putins aggression.

As for the roadways, making them impassable for Russian forces would help enlist the Spring mud season in Ukraine’s defense.

Road and rail to and from Russian-military utilized and controlled ports, airports, and landing zones on the seas will also be important to target from Winter to Spring. Road and rail routes from Belarus must be in the crosshairs should a buildup for invasion occur there.

Roads and railways between population centers would provide ample attack surfaces with limited danger to civilian concentrations. Air-dropped notices warning civilians to stay clear of rail and road networks the Russians are using would be a positive step toward messaging local populations that it is all due to Russia’s occupation. This should not be a telegraphing problem considering the difficulty in defending and protecting roads.

Russian units and assets with limited mobility would be more easily targeted. 

Roads and railways necessary for civilian supply or evacuation should be not be targeted unless they are mostly used for Russian military purposes, now that civilians have had a chance to flee, and the Russians have deported many. It would be on the occupying army to supply the locals as a result of its choice to invade and use resources for a war of aggression.

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